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Savage and Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy discuss how long they have known each other, growing up in Queens, New York and their interactions with Donald Trump. You won’t want to miss this delightful, informative discussion between two media pioneers. Ruddy shares about the origins of the company and the future of journalism. They discuss the leftwing polarization of the media and its evolution from television to the internet. Ruddy shares how he started Newsmax while working in print journalism, recognizing that news would soon dominate the digital world. They touch upon the increasing media bias that controls mainstream networks. They acknowledge how the founding fathers’ advanced the idea of a free press and the importance of allowing the public to decide on the accuracy of information. They criticize the censorship efforts of left-wing organizations like Newsguard which aim to label conservative media as inaccurate and misinformation. Ruddy and Savage express concern over the suppression of conservative voices and the need to speak up against censorship. Get the inside scoop about Newsmax and behind-the-scenes stories from Savage and Chris Ruddy on this special podcast!

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