When Government Hates Christmas: Sara’s Stories of Repression in Cuba, Saudi Arabia

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Are you excited for Christmas? Are you traveling? What kind of food, decorations, and other traditions do you enjoy? And are you grateful for the freedom to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ?

We should be very thankful, because in some countries, Christmas and anything else associated with Christianity are forbidden. Sara has experienced this and so has her mom.

Today, Sara shares these stories with you. First, she talks about her mother’s experience in Cuba. A devout Catholic, her mom watched the Cuban revolution unfold and how Castro and his Marxist allies did everything they could to crush Christianity.

Then Sara tells us about living in Saudi Arabia while her father worked there and the shocking moment the Saudi government found out about a Christmas celebration she was part of as a child.

Wherever you are this holiday season, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a joyous celebration of Christ’s birth.

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Time Stamps:

0:05 I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
4:11 Christmas under communism
9:03 You need to meet some Cubans
10:46 Under Fidel Castro
13:16 Marxists hate Christ
14:45 It was the same in Saudi Arabia
17:02 Our church service was shut down!
20:41 We could lose it all
23:05 Communities are important
25:52 This Christmas
26:38 Texas Christmas
29:49 Show Close



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