WHICH SIDE IS GOD ON IN GAZA? The Israelis will fight with their fingernails if need be; over 800,000 Jews were kicked out of Arab countries when Israel was founded. – #719

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Savage discusses the complex issue of God’s side in the Gaza conflict, acknowledging the difficulty of the subject due to the innocent civilians being killed. He argues that understanding the historical context of the Jewish people’s struggles, including their expulsion from Arab countries, is crucial to understanding the Israeli perspective. He also suggests that God is on the side of those who want to end the war. He explains how Hamas has the power to bring an end to the conflict if they want it to stop. He critiques the Biden Administration’s perceived bias towards the Arab side, citing the influence of Arab voters. He blasts Biden for supporting arms sales to Lebanon and Qatar while threatening to stop sales to Israel. He then shares about his private meeting with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago as Trump endures relentless attacks from the Left.┬áHe shifts to a philosophical discussion about the concept of God and the idea that humans are given a second chance at life, citing the example of near-death experiences. Savage concludes with a childhood story about a tough, neighborhood bartender and what he taught him about conflict. Share this vital podcast with your friends and family!

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