Who Were the Snakes in Trump’s White House? Naming Names with Peter Navarro and Kash Patel

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Charlie is joined by two men who have emerged as among the most important voices and leaders of the MAGA grassroots movement in the post Trump presidency (and possible interim period should he run again). Kash Patel, frequent guest of The Charlie Kirk Show, tells listeners about his new version of ‘The Plot to Kill the President’ for a legal update on the newest legal assault against the former president, this time coming at him from New York Attorney General, Letitia James, who has filed a civil suit against Donald Trump and his children for $250 million. Kash lays out the merits of the case and explains why he still believes that Trump’s enemies will come up short in their unending pursuit for an indictment. Next, Peter Navarro joins the show talk about his new book ‘Taking Back Trump’s America’ and the former Trump administration veteran names names and calls out the snakes who worked to undermine Donald J. Trump’s historic agenda. 

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