Why Aren’t We Talking About the Biggest Crisis in America? | Guest: Stephen Stamboulieh | 1/23/23

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Glenn opens up about his family’s struggle with mental health. Why aren’t more people talking about this crisis? The DOJ has found more documents at President Biden’s Delaware home. Glenn and Stu review a New York Times story about a parent who discovered a school allowed her child to secretly identify as transgender. The ATF is cracking down on stabilizing pistol braces with a new rule that could turn law-abiding Americans into felons. Gun Owners of America attorney Stephen Stamboulieh joins to explain what this rule means for you. Has the World Economic Forum become a “reputational risk” for global elites? Glenn recaps the most disturbing moments of the WEF’s 2023 Davos summit, as the WEF declares an imminent “polycrisis.” Atlanta experiences a “mostly peaceful protest.”

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