Why Did Democrats Abruptly Stop Caring About Hacking Voter Machines? | DIRECT MESSAGE

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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about Democrats who were obsessed with fears of hacked voting machines in 2018, Rand Paul’s clash with Dr. Fauci, and the 1619 Project’s creator praising Cuba for its racial equality. First, Dave shares a montage of Democrats expressing concern over electronic voting machines being hacked. These Democrats no longer seem too concerned; why the change of heart? Next, Rand Paul accuses Dr. Fauci of lying about NIH-funded gain-of-function research being conducted in Wuhan, China. Finally, Dave plays an interview of Nikole Hannah-Jones naming communist Cuba as the place with the most racial equality. Has Nikole become one the modern-day useful idiots like AOC who support socialism out of ignorance?

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