WHY DO SO MANY YOUNG AMERICANS HATE ISRAEL? with author and professor Dr. Rafael Medoff – #681

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Ignorant anti-Israel protesters have taken to the streets nationwide. Rather than rebuking the uninformed masses, President Biden has placated the protesters’ shouts as reasonable, persuasive arguments. Savage speaks with author and professor Dr. Rafael Medoff to analyze the historical parallels between the anti-Semitic sentiments during the 1930s and the current anti-Israel sentiment among young Americans, specifically on college campuses. Medoff contrasts the strong response of then President FDR to Biden’s weak gesturing. They discuss how some students’ apathy toward Israel undermines public resolve to support the nation and criticizes the use of genocidal slogans during pro-Hamas protests. They explore the origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, debunking the lies cited by anti-Semitic pundits. They highlight the historical connection between the Nazi era and the Hamas movement in Palestine. Finally, they criticize political leaders for their hypocritical stance on Israel and the role of education systems in perpetuating anti-Semitism and violence against Israel

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