Why Does the Government Want to Know If You Interacted with Trump on Twitter?

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This week we learned that Special Counsel Jack Smith asked Twitter to give his office “every conceivable aspect” of information about President Trump’s Twitter account in the months leading up to January 6, 2021. He asked for all direct messages sent and received, account settings, ad preferences, and every IP address Trump used to access the account.
In addition, Smith wants information about you – if you interacted with one of Trump’s tweets in any way during the period under investigation.

This is not just Smith’s attempt to incriminate Trump or intimidate the former president. It’s also sending a message to us – that the government will know if we refute the official narrative or dare to have an opinion that this administration doesn’t like.

Today, Sara shares her previous experiences of getting on a “list” because of her online activity and what you. as a citizen with very clear rights, can do about this intrusion into your life.

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Time Stamps:
0:04 What can people learn about you from social media
3:20 You could be on the list…
5:02 What we know about Jack Smith’s subpoena
7:36 You are not supposed to ask questions like that
10:32 Marie Yovanovitch spied on me
13:13 They probably have your private messages
14:47 Why would Jack Smith want this?
17:33 We’re facing a huge crisis
20:24 Show close



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