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Savage delivers a lively rebuke against the socialist forces seeking to dismantle our nation. He explains why he is not a socialist, despite growing up in a left-wing environment and coming from a poor immigrant family. He explains that as he became ambitious and faced obstacles in his pursuit of success, he realized the detrimental effects of socialism. He criticizes the education system for brainwashing students with left-wing ideologies and calls out wealthy individuals in Hollywood who espouse socialism while benefiting from capitalist systems. He then makes the case for nationalism in the United States. He explains that being a nationalist does not mean being racist or ethnically exclusive, but rather, having a shared allegiance to the nation and a belief in certain political values. He draws a historical parallel to the Greek war of independence to highlight the significance of national identity and the need to protect borders, language, and culture. He exposes how socialism is at odds with religion and will eventually seek to destroy religious beliefs. Then, he debates with a caller about Bernie Sanders, arguing that Sanders is a cowardly revolutionary and should be recognized for the dangerous threat he poses to America’s future. Ring in 2024 with Savage on this exceptional broadcast!

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