Why Is the Government Trying to Prevent More UFO Revelations?

Sara Carter 01
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Until recently, it seemed there was a bipartisan effort to reveal what the government knows about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, better known as UFOs.

Earlier this year, military whistleblowers even testified before Congress and delivered stunning testimony about what has been recovered from these unknown aircraft.

But now there seems to be much less interest in bringing more information to the American people. Why hit the brakes now? Why are officials worried about more facts getting out? And what kind of pressure is being applied to future whistleblowers not to speak out?

Today, Sara shares the long journey of getting federal officials to take this issue seriously, pursue as much public disclosure as possible, and just tell us the truth.

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Time Stamps:
1:20 This is about finding the truth
3:51 Whistleblowers
4:53 Tucker and Burchett
8:42 Why are they not interested?
11:25 There is more to this story
13:26 Rendlesham Forest incident
17:04 Has the US government spoken to Aliens?
21:14 Do we trust the DOD?
22:55 This is why our government wants control
27:12 We deserve the truth
28:15 Luna Announcement + Show close



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