Why You Need to Fight for Your Children's Freedoms Now

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Sara is spending much-needed time with her family after another physically and emotionally exhausting week on the U.S. – Mexico border. But as she cherishes that time with her loved ones, she feels a genuine kinship with the thousands and thousands of migrants who genuinely want to come to America so their kids can have a better life.

That desire is leading to a humanitarian and national security crisis that must be addressed in a serious way, but Sara says that desire to come here proves what is great about America: people know that there is freedom and opportunity here that is simply not available anyplace else on earth.

Sara shares stories of her own family and the families she has met along the border and why her experiences convince her more than ever that we must stand up to preserve the many things that are right and good about our nation.

She also urges all of us to stand up against the efforts of political groups and big tech to silence our free speech, demand our rights, and preserve the United States for the generations to come.
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