Why You Should Care Less About Your Job and What Happens When You Try to Return a Pair of Jeans Online

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Work burnout has been an issue for some time, but the pandemic has shown many people just how much their work has taken over their lives. With constant meetings and new pressures people are struggling to take control. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a life-changing event to realize it. Rachel Feintzeig, work and life columnist at the WSJ, joins us for why maybe you should care a little less to get your life back.

Next, what happens when you order things online and send them back? You may think it makes its way back to the shelf and on its way to another person, but that is rarely true. Oftentimes items make their way to bulk resellers overseas, stripped for parts, or just thrown away. Returns are a big problem for companies that are expected to have generous return policies as a default. These reverse logistics are many times cost prohibitive to deal with. Amanda Mull, staff writer at The Atlantic, joins us for the nasty logistics of returning your online items.

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