Will Biden, Texas, or Anyone Stand Up to Protect Kids from Sex Trafficking?

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America’s open border is great for business – if your business is trafficking drugs or subjecting women and children to sexual slavery. International sex trafficking rings are more profitable than ever, and countless kids are being abused in unspeakable ways, over and over again, every single day.

But it’s not just happening near the border or in our big cities. Chances are that child sex trafficking is happening in your hometown too. It’s a widespread but often invisible horror that very few officials want to acknowledge or seriously fight.

But Secretary General of the Guatemalan Public Ministry Angel Pineda has the courage to confront it. In fact, he is investigating the role that Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) may have in trafficking children through Latin America and throughout the U.S. Many of these NGO’s operate through your tax dollars.

Today, Pineda joins Sara to discuss how he’s uncovered “a union of organized crime and the migration of people.” Pineda also pleads for cooperation from the Biden administration and Texas state officials like Attorney General Ken Paxton. So far, Pineda’s requests have fallen on deaf ears. He says it is imperative that all nations work together to save children because “in this matter, we cannot be apart.”

It’s hard to imagine anything more appalling than the sexual trafficking of children. So why are so many public officials and media organizations quick to ignore or minimize the issue? Why won’t they stand up for our kids and the ones being exploited in this border nightmare?
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Time Stamps:
0:05 Child traffickers are running free with impunity
11:20 Secretary General of the Guatemalan Public Ministry joins the Sara Carter Show
14:28 Serious claims have been reported
18:29 Do open borders increase trafficking?
24:11 We have to work together internationally
31:05 What would you say to Texas?
34:24 The children of Guatemala need our help
39:59 Who is stopping this?
41:58 What can happen here?

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