Will Lockdowns Ignite a Second Civil War?

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We are on the cusp of a civil war; Former port of Seattle police officer was placed on leave for believing in the constitution; The dead branches of tyranny, Pelosi and the leftist mayors and governors are like a dead tree branch, must be cleared out to make room for new growth; Scientists are now part of the Politburo; $3T Coronavirus wish list package, why do the Dems not want the country to reopen; The history of ration books during WWII; Nancy Pelosi wants us to return to those days, where the government controls what you can get; No science to the lockdowns; The loss of our liberty; Fauci warns COVID vaccine could enhance negative effects of infection; Contact Tracing was deemed wrong during the AIDS epidemic, now the same people who said that then are calling for it now; Ex Black Panther calls for massive government surveillance; Federal relief funds being released to states, and governors are now using it as leverage to get counties and cities to do what they want; Trump can’t stand on the sidelines; A glimmer of hope in these days, a Republican has a lead in California in the District 25 special election for former Rep. Katie Hill’s seat; Savage calls on Trump to pass executive order to give money directly to counties, circumventing controlling governors; Savage will join an armed militia before taking a COVID vaccine; CNN putting climate activist Greta Thunberg on Coronavirus panel for a townhall; Small businesses are the sign of America; What is in Pelosi’s $3 trillion bailout package

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