With Omicron Continuing to Spread, Some Doctors Say Cloth Masks May Not Be Enough

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Covid cases continue to rise in the U.S. as the Omicron variant proves to be highly transmissible. The rise in infections has reignited the conversation over masks which now has some doctors and healthcare systems saying cloth masks may not be enough, recommending that you pair them with surgical masks or upgrade to other options like KN95 masks. Nidhi Subbaraman, science reporter at the WSJ, joins us for what to know.

Next, we have seen a rise in violent incidents at schools both minor and major, everything from fights to gun possession and drug use. On top of other difficulties facing schools, administrators are dealing with tough questions on how best to respond to disciplinary issues and advocates fear that suspensions and expulsions could add to problems for vulnerable students. Erin Einhorn, national reporter at NBC News, joins us for more.

Finally, a lot has been made of the Metaverse and the blurring of lines between our real world lives and our digital lives. One of the latest things we have seen in this realm is getting married and there could be a lot of perks to having a digital marriage such as unlimited guests or even out of this world destinations. Steven Kurutz, features reporter at the NY Times, joins us for one couples’ wedding in the Metaverse.

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