Yes, Terrorist Sleeper Cells Could Be Anywhere in the U.S.

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Could something like the Hamas slaughter of more than 1,400 people happen in the United States? Is it possible there are operatives already making plans here? Disturbingly, both of those scenarios are very possible.

Today, Sara shares her reporting going back to the George W. Bush administration that details how our weak border policies make an inviting target for terrorist organizations and their state sponsors to come in and wreak havoc.

Then, Sara is joined by Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn to discuss the threat of sleeper cells here in the U.S., the Israel-Hamas war and how our government is approaching it, and a new poll showing 50 percent of young adults think the Hamas attacks against Israelis were justified.

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Time Stamps:
1:35 I broke the stories on terrorist drug cartels
5:05 We were complacent
16:10 Senator Blackburn joins the Sara Carter Show
18:00 Let’s freeze the Iran money
20:21 Why don’t young people support Israel?
22:24 Is this a warning to America?
24:15 Palestinian NGOs
25:08 Sleeper Cells in America
28:15 Axis of Evil
29:58 What can we do?
32:21 Show Close

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