You Pay the Price for Biden’s Border Invasion

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The media lies to you. All the time. Sometimes they tell you things that aren’t true. And sometimes they bury the truth and ignore the stories that matter most. Just today, Bill Melugin of Fox News reported that more than 2,200 people illegally crossed into the U.S. at Eagle Pass, Texas – just since midnight. These people poured into our nation with impunity, bypassing the port of entry right there by the Rio Grande. Instead, they break the law, knowing that our government won’t stop them and won’t send them back.

At least eight million people have come here illegally since Joe Biden became president and made it crystal clear that he was rolling out the welcome mat and had no intention of enforcing our laws. Will Biden pay a political price for this? Perhaps. But you are paying for it right now! You pay for it as the government spends your tax dollars housing and feeding the illegal immigrants, providing medical care for them, and educating the children who came illegally. And the social safety net goes much further than that.

You also pay for it with a rise in crime, as attacks on people and property soar out of control in many different cities and towns across our nation. And of course, you pay for it when your kids and neighbors take that one fake pill laced with fentanyl and are suddenly lost forever.

Join Sara as she explains the real cost of President Biden’s dereliction at our border.

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0:05 Cartels are upping the Ante
2:14 Don’t shoot a kid
3:26 Cartels encourage this
4:01 Woke leftist ideology
6:32 Bill Melugin Tweet
7:15 His messaging is awful
10:39 Griff Jenkins
11:11 The Beast
13:13 We used to be the greatest nation on earth

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