Zuri Hall's Hot Happy Mess – Is Your Situation Toxic AF?? Here’s How to Tell (And What to Do)!

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In this week’s episode, Zuri goes one-on-one in the signature segment, Real Woman, Real Story — with Reka Robinson a certified life coach who shares her personal story of being in an emotionally abusive toxic relationship, the steps she took to exit from that dynamic, and the life lessons she learned about being single and being worthy regardless of your relationship status. 

Next up, Zuri talks to expert Dr. Jenn Hardy about the warning signs of toxic relationships, how to spot and deal with one-sided relationships, and why people choose to stay in toxic relationships. They also discuss the merits of fixing a toxic dynamic or whether we should cut our losses and walk away, how to implement boundaries with our romantic partners and in our platonic relationships, and finally if we contribute to the toxicity without even knowing it.

Be sure to stay until the end of the episode, for the Party Trick: Zuri shares the IT book YOU need to read if you’re ready to Set Boundaries and Find Peace. Let us know your favorite part of the convo: @ZuriHall + @HotHappyMess.

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Content Advisory:

Trigger Warning: 7:56 – 38:02

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