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I Spy

Ground-breaking in many respects, I Spy was about two international playboys who were actually secret agents for the Pentagon. Robert Culp played tennis player Kelly Robinson, and Bill Cosby played his coach, Alexander “Scotty” Scott – becoming the first African-American ever to be cast in a lead role in a U.S. television show. Intended to be a TV version of James Bond, the personal chemistry between the two leads was undeniable, and many fans tuned in more for the hip banter than for the action. (Trivia: I Spy was one of the very few TV shows, before or since, that actually filmed in the exotic locations they said they were in.) It ran on NBC from 1965 to 1968; we have the entire series below.

  • Tigers of Heaven

    A Japanese neo-fascist group opposes the United States and threatens Japan’s democratic government.

    CONKSeptember 16, 2008
  • Three Hours on a Sunday Night

    Robinson has three hours on a Sunday night in Kyoto to raise $50,000 to ransom Scott from an international fence holding a vital microfilm.

    CONKSeptember 2, 2008
  • Danny Was a Million Laughs

    Robinson and Scott struggle to keep a man alive, but cannot save his associates

    CONKSeptember 2, 2008
  • The Time of the Knife

    Robinson and Scott head to Kyoto to retrieve a missing microfilm and protect the fiancee of the now-dead operative who once possessed it.

    CONKSeptember 2, 2008