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TV: Reality-Game Shows

Individual shows in this category, along with the number of episodes we have of each, are listed in the sidebar menu at right (or on mobile, below). You can also click on the name of any series (in red) immediately below any screenshot to go to that series’ archive page.

  • The Live Results Finale

    In the season finale, America chooses which act will win one million dollars and a headlining show in Vegas.

    CONKSeptember 21, 2017
  • Drew vs Drew, Part 1

    PART ONE: There’s not much happening in the bedroom at Kevisha and Kevin’s house and Kevisha believes that has led to their separation. Kevisha says her husband is a cheating “mama’s boy” and his mother is hooking him up with other women!

    CONKSeptember 20, 2017
  • Allen vs. Allen

    Steven and Teresa met later in life and are set in their ways. This has led to some pretty heated arguments, fueled by Teresa’s crazy jealousy and Steven’s flirty nature.

    CONKSeptember 13, 2017
  • Season Finale

    The couples’ time in Paradise comes to an end.

    CONKSeptember 11, 2017
  • Las Vegas – Finals Night 2

    We say goodbye as Kacy Catanzaro makes her final run while Drew Drechsel, Daniel Gil, Najee Richardson, Jessie Graff, David Campbell, Meagan Martin, Tyler Yamauchi and more take a run at Stage 1.

    CONKSeptember 11, 2017
  • Jackson vs. Jones

    The honeymoon may be over before it begins for this couple. Crystal loves her boyfriend, but will a dispute over rent keep them from the altar?

    CONKSeptember 7, 2017
  • Week 4, Part 2

    A woman takes pity on a man who hasn’t been asked out.

    CONKSeptember 5, 2017
  • Las Vegas Finals, Night 1

    Lance Pekus, Joe Moravsky, Allyssa Beird, JJ Woods, Jesse Labreck, Josh Levin, Barclay Stockett, Nick Hanson and more kick off the National Finals in Las Vegas.

    CONKSeptember 4, 2017
  • Benjamin vs. Rahming

    A wife comes to Divorce Court looking to save her marriage, but Judge Lynn makes her realize there is nothing to save in this union.

    CONKSeptember 1, 2017
  • Dethroned

    Now that reigning champion Fishin’ Frenzy’s Captain Greg Mayer got knocked off his throne, it’s anybody’s game in the race for the top spot.

    CONKAugust 29, 2017
  • Top 9 Perform

    Each dancer has another opportunity to impress the judges and fight for the nation’s vote before one must say goodbye.

    CONKAugust 22, 2017
  • Full Throttle

    Captain TJ Ott is haunted by a terrifying accident at sea, and the Doghouse desperately tries to land its first fish of the season.

    CONKAugust 22, 2017
  • Who’s Got Grit?

    After one contestant is faced with having to decide who leaves the competition, the final three enter the ultimate challenge.

    CONKAugust 7, 2017
  • Shady Grady

    John Cena announces a double elimination challenge in the works; the teams receive a chance to force another into elimination through direct competition.

    CONKJuly 28, 2017
  • Zoe’s Chocolate Co

    A family-owned chocolate shop was started by three siblings in support of their chocolatier father. If Marcus can’t help Zoe’s market themselves properly and expand their product line, this business will face a bitter end.

    CONKJuly 27, 2017
  • Role Reversal

    John Cena® and The Cadre agree that the contestants need some tough love and must improve upon their leadership skills.

    CONKJuly 21, 2017
  • Aaron Rodgers vs Erin Andrews and Italia Ricci vs Robbie Amell

    Celebrities compete to get to the winners’ circle.

    CONKJuly 3, 2017
  • Leslie Jones vs LL Cool J and Tom Bergeron vs Jennifer Nettles

    Celebrity battles include actress Leslie Jones vs. rapper and actor LL Cool J, and TV personality Tom Bergeron vs. country music star Jennifer Nettles.

    CONKJune 19, 2017