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Drugs, Inc.

A multibillion-dollar industry that fuels crime and violence all over the planet, drugs turns criminals into billionaires – but also provides vital income to thousands of poor workers across the globe.

  • Art for the Taking

    From home invasions and museum heists to forgers passing off high-priced fakes, art crimes rake in $6 billion a year. It’s a crime that could be right out of Hollywood but in reality destroys families, fortunes, and careers.

    CONKMarch 21, 2017
  • Medical Insurance Fraud

    Health care fraud is one of the most destructive financial crimes, siphoning billions of dollars from patients and companies…and entering this underground is simple. See how insurance fraud can put your money, your health, and even your life, at risk.

    CONKSeptember 14, 2012
  • Hollywood Robbery

    Rip it. Burn it. Steal it. Never before has it been so easy to copy a song, movie or game. It may seem harmless, but media piracy is a multibillion-dollar criminal enterprise.

    CONKSeptember 4, 2012