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The Young Turks

Coming at news from a liberal perspective, “The Young Turks” is the largest online news show in the world, covering politics, pop culture and lifestyle. Episodes are taped weekdays and are added about a week after they air.

  • Mon, Sep 18, 2017

    Trump’s Lawyers Blab About Russia Probe Right Next To Reporters | Iranian President: US To Pay High Cost If Trump Breaks Nuclear Deal | Cops Chant ‘Whose Streets? Our Streets!’ | Why Trump Supporters Are Mad At Dolly Parton | Trump Trolls The World

    CONKSeptember 19, 2017
  • Tue, Sep 12, 2017

    Ted Cruz Shares Porn, Blames Staff | Establishment To Bernie Supporting Celebrities: STFU! | Democrats Flocking To Bernie’s Medicare-For-All Bill | Did CBS Try To Make Steve Bannon Look Bad? | The Monday Night Football Debut So Bad It’s Good

    CONKSeptember 14, 2017
  • Thu, Aug 17, 2017

    Barcelona Rocked By Terrorist Attack | Trump Defends Confederacy More Than Southern Republican | White Supremacist Strips In Terror (VIDEO) | Cops Can Do 11-Minute Body Cavity Searches In America | Alt-Right Statue Protest Just Sad

    CONKAugust 21, 2017
  • Mon, Aug 14, 2017

    Neo-Nazi Drives Through Crowd In Charlottesville | Nazis Encouraged By Trump’s Charlottesville Response | When You Forget Your Klan Hood And The Internet Finds Out | Charlottesville Terrorist Identified | Father Disowns Neo-Nazi Son After Charlottesville

    CONKAugust 16, 2017
  • Fri, Jul 28, 2017

    Trump Fires Suspected Leaker Reince Priebus | ‘Skinny Repeal’ Of Obamacare Goes Down In Flames | Trump PISSED Congress Won’t Let Him Lift Russia Sanctions | Scaramucci’s Wife Files For Divorce | Trump Administration: Rights Law Doesn’t Protect Gays

    CONKAugust 1, 2017
  • Mon, Jul 24, 2017

    Is Bernie Sanders Running In 2020? | What’s With Republicans And Bathroom Stalls? | Republican: Let’s “Settle This Aaron Burr Style” | Trump Administration Coming For Your Weed | BOMBSHELL: Trump’s Been Laundering Russian Mob Money For Decades, Allegedly

    CONKJuly 26, 2017
  • Tue, Jul 18, 2017

    DOWN GOES TRUMPCARE!!! | Mitch McConnell And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day | Is Fox News Turning On Trump? | Why Trump Hates Chris Christie Now | Trump MELTDOWN: “Am I A F*cking Baby, Paul?”

    CONKJuly 20, 2017
  • Thu, Jul 6, 2017

    Trump’s Handshake Fail Of The Week | Aides Scrambling To Prep Trump For Putin Meeting | Ted Cruz Is Taking Your Healthcare But Here, Have Some Freedom | Congress’ New Sexist Dress Code | Rob Kardashian In Trouble For Blac Chyna Revenge Porn

    CONKJuly 11, 2017
  • Wed, Jun 28, 2017

    Trump Creeps On Irish Reporter | Trump BUSTED On Fake Time Cover | Woman’s Financial Advice: Don’t Pay Your Bills | Politician On Addicts: Let Them Die | Enthusiastic National Anthem Singing Now Mandatory In The Philippines

    CONKJune 30, 2017
  • Wed, Jun 14, 2017

    Mass Shooter Targets Republican Baseball Game | Trump Responds To Baseball Shooter | Spends Decades Preaching Non-Violence, Gets Blamed For Shooting | Betsy DeVos Protects Predatory Colleges | Rolling Stone Settles False Rape Lawsuit

    CONKJune 16, 2017
  • Mon, Jan 30, 2017

    Trump’s Muslim Ban Sparks Nationwide Protests | Fascist Trump Ignores Court Order Against Muslim Ban | Steve “Wormtongue” Bannon Makes Power Play To Isolate Trump | South Dakota Referendum Against Corruption OVERTURNED | Ivanka Trump’s Tone Deaf Tweet

    CONKMarch 21, 2017
  • Mon, July 11, 2016

    Robbing Pokémon Go Players: It’s Super Effective! | Kansas Teacher Causes Outrage With Rape Article | Sharing Netflix Is Now a Federal Crime | Media Meltdown After Hillary Said This About Republicans… | CNN Cop: Black People More Prone To Criminality

    CONKJuly 20, 2016
  • Wed, Jul 6, 2016

    Alton Sterling’s Son Breaks Down During Press Conference (VIDEO) | Gretchen Carlson Sues Fox News For Sexual Harassment | Bernie Booed By Congressional Democrats | Chelsea Manning Attempts Suicide In Prison | Actress Writes BS Memoir About Year In Zambia

    CONKJuly 13, 2016
  • Tue, Jul 5, 2016

    Hillary Clinton Avoids Criminal Charges | Will Progressives Bow Down To Hillary Clinton? | Father Kills Son, Spouts NRA Talking Points | Mother Accused Of ‘Naked Twister Party’ With Teen Daughter | Too Old To Figure Out Internet Porn?

    CONKJuly 13, 2016
  • Thu, Jun 30, 2016

    Supermodel’s DISGUSTING Divorce Settlement Request | Chris Brown’s Anger Issues Sending Loyal Employees To The ER | Why Boris Johnson Gave Up His Shot At Prime Minister | Trump Illegally Fundraising From Foreign Governments

    CONKJuly 8, 2016
  • Wed, Jun 29, 2016

    Trump Using Istanbul Attack To Push Torture | Hillary Super-PAC Takes Illegal Money In Broad Daylight | Tomi Lahren’s STUPID Response To Jesse Williams’ BET Award Speech About Racism | ANALYSIS: YouTube Creator Town Hall With Hillary Clinton | Chelsea Han

    CONKJuly 8, 2016
  • Tue, Jun 28, 2016

    Trump lied about giving millions to charity; Trump’s lawyer accuses Hillary of murder; Breaking: Terrorists bomb Istanbul airport; woman suing doctor for getting pregnant; cops shame prostitutes on social media

    CONKJuly 6, 2016
  • Mon, Jun 27, 2016

    Trump: I Know You’re Racist But What Am I? | Polls: Trump Campaign In Freefall | Police Killed A Texas Mom After She Shot Her Daughters Dead In The Street | Jesse Williams Speaks Hard Truths About Police Brutality (VIDEO)

    CONKJuly 5, 2016