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All posts tagged "Mental Health"

  • What happens in your brain when you pay attention? | Mehdi Ordikhani-Seyedlar

    Attention isn’t just about what we focus on — it’s also about what our brains filter out. By investigating patterns in the brain as people try to focus, computational neuroscientist Mehdi Ordikhani-Seyedlar hopes to build computer models that can be used to treat ADHD and help those who have lost the ability to communicate.

    CONKJuly 13, 2017
  • Why I speak up about living with epilepsy | Sitawa Wafula

    Once homebound by epilepsy, mental health advocate Sitawa Wafula found her strength in writing about it. The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world’s leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less).

    CONKJune 15, 2017
  • There’s no shame in taking care of your mental health | Sangu Delle

    When stress got to be too much for TED Fellow Sangu Delle, he had to confront his own deep prejudice: that men shouldn’t take care of their mental health. In a personal talk, Delle shares how he learned to handle anxiety in a society that’s uncomfortable with emotions.

    CONKMay 27, 2017
  • What you can do to prevent Alzheimer’s | Lisa Genova

    Alzheimer’s doesn’t have to be your brain’s destiny, says neuroscientist and author of “Still Alice,” Lisa Genova. She shares the latest science investigating the disease — and some promising research on what each of us can do to build an Alzheimer’s-resistant brain.

    CONKMay 20, 2017
  • A doctor’s case for medical marijuana | David Casarett

    Physician David Casarett was tired of hearing hype and half-truths around medical marijuana, so he put on his skeptic’s hat and investigated on his own. He comes back with a fascinating report on what we know and what we don’t — and what mainstream medicine could learn from the modern medical marijuana dispensary.

    CONKMay 18, 2017
  • My son was a Columbine shooter. This is my story | Sue Klebold

    Sue Klebold is the mother of Dylan Klebold, one of the two shooters who committed the Columbine High School massacre, murdering 12 students and a teacher. She’s spent years excavating every detail of her family life, trying to understand what she could have done to prevent her son’s violence.

    CONKFebruary 28, 2017
  • A better way to talk about love | Mandy Len Catron

    In love, we fall. We’re struck, we’re crushed, we swoon. We burn with passion. Love makes us crazy and makes us sick. Our hearts ache, and then they break. Talking about love in this way fundamentally shapes how we experience it, says writer Mandy Len Catron.

    CONKJanuary 28, 2017
  • Could a drug prevent depression and PTSD? | Rebecca Brachman

    The path to better medicine is paved with accidental yet revolutionary discoveries. And listen for an unexpected — and controversial — twist.

    CONKJanuary 14, 2017