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Introducing CONK!
“It’s like Netflix for News Junkies.”

Remember the old downtown newstand?

Along with a zillion newspapers, you could get magazines, games, books, and even music albums and DVDs.

Unfortunately, the Internet killed all that. And there’s been no digital replacement – until now.

CONK! is a subscription-based “all-you-can-eat” digital newsstand. For only $4.99 a month you get access to thousands of current news videos, TV shows, magazines, movies, songs, talk-radio shows, books and games – all current from that week and month, and all included with your $4.99 monthly subscription. And we add hundreds of new items every day!

Take a look at exactly what CONK! offers:

CONK! News:
The Best Video Newspaper on the Web – Period.

Each day our flagship news app imports over 500 videos from over 70 legitimate news sources into ten news categories, and then displays them in a unique “dual-layer” layout. And we’re not talking about videos of teenage girls putting on makeup, either: these are all from established news organizations, like CBS News, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fox News and many others.

You also get access to the live feeds from nine cable news channels plus on-demand full episodes of over two dozen TV news and talk shows, and over a hundred of America’s most popular national and local talk radio shows – most from the last 24 hours.


Great TV and Movies!

In addition to news and talk TV, CONK! has on-demand full episodes – no clips! – of over 200 scripted and reality television shows, including the most recent ones from South Park, Family Guy, New Girl, Empire, Scandal, This is Us, Grey’s Anatomy and many other currently-airing series. Plus complete episodes of many classic TV shows, and an inventory of hundreds of movies. All included with your $4.99 subscription.
(If you’re a light TV watcher, CONK! can actually replace your streaming subscription!)


Real, Full, NEW Magazines

We know that real news junkies are also magazine aficionados. CONK! has a virtual endless buffet of magazines – hundreds of them, of all types, including many popular ones and most current to that week and month. Using our on-screen viewer, you can page through them just like you’re looking at the pulp versions.
(Think of this: Your monthly CONK! subscription is less than the cost of just one of these magazines – and you have access to hundreds!)


Mucho Music and Games

CONK! includes a music app that contains over 2 million songs, plus music videos for every single one of them. You can search by artist, song or album; and listen to individual songs, whole albums and complete artist catalogs – as well as the latest album and song releases from that week.
(Seriously, our music app rivals Spotify.)

And you can play any of over 700 single-player games in our games collection.



Your Personal Digital Book Library

Your CONK! subscription includes access to our library of over 800 fiction books. About half of those are public-domain classics (the kind you buy at Barnes and Noble for $3.99 each) – and the other half are current contemporary novels. And our online book viewer will help you remember your place the next time you log in.

Even the Kindle versions of all these books would cost you thousands of dollars – and they’re all included in your $4.99 CONK! monthly subscription.


Great on Small Screens – But Designed for Big Ones

CONK! features a cutting-edge “responsive” interface – which means that our screens automatically reformat depending on not just the device you’re using, but even which way you’re holding it. But that said… Although you can read our ebooks and magazines on a smartphone, it’s so much more enjoyable on a bigger screen. That’s why, contrary to almost every other web application currently popular, CONK! is designed primarily for desktops and laptops, first and foremost.


NO Display Advertising – and NO Additional Fees

Did we mention that CONK! is presented to you in a completely display-ad-free user interface, to guarantee you a fast and clean user experience? And did we mention that ALL content is included in your monthly subscription – we don’t try to “upsell” you on more expensive “featured movies” or other subscription services, either.


Take CONK! for a Test Drive

CONK! is an incredible value. But don’t take our word for it: Most of CONK!’s interface is publicly accessible – except you can’t actually play the videos and games if you’re not logged in. But you can see what videos and games are available, and even what new ones we add daily.

It’s only $4.99 a month! What have you got to lose?

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