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Stream Thousands of Movies, TV Shows,
Games and News Videos

(with hundreds added daily!)
with Absolutely NO Display Advertising
ALL for only $9.95 a Year!

(Yes, you read that right: not $9.95 a month, but $9.95 A Year!)

Welcome to CONK!

CONK! is a new online video streaming service – like Netflix or Amazon Video – with a breakthrough price point: You can stream thousands of recent movies, TV episodes, news videos and online games for only $9.95 a year! It sounds almost too good to be true – but this is real. (We explain how we pull this off below.) And this is not an “introductory” price: This is your price forever – even if we raise prices later on.


Thousands of Movies and Games

CONK! has thousands of feature films for you to watch – most of them recent – as well as hundreds of online games for you to play. And we add dozens of movies and games every single day. Just think: For only $9.95 you’ll have access to thousands of movies for a whole year – for less than the cost of ONE DVD!

So maybe you’re wondering: Will I find Star Wars 7?  Well, probably not. There’s a good chance you won’t find some of your favorite movies on our service. But: there’s still plenty of good stuff to watch. Just remember that you’re paying less for a whole year of CONK! than what Netflix charges for one month. Put it this way:
CONK! is 50% of Netflix… for 8% of the price!


The Best of TV

CONK! has full episodesno clips! – of over 200 TV shows, including currently-airing ones like South Park, New Girl, Empire, Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy, and complete episodes of many classic TV series. We add over a dozen episodes every day, and more shows every week.


The World’s Best Video Newspaper. Period.

If you’re a news junkie, you’ll want to subscribe to CONK! for our News section alone.
CONK!’s News section is the crown jewel of our service. Each day we import about 300 videos from over 50 legitimate news sources into ten news categories – and we’re not talking about videos of teenage girls putting on makeup, either. These are all from long-time established news organizations, like CBS News, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fox News and many others. There’s also the live feeds of over a half-dozen cable news networks (that’s right: live cable news channels, right on your computer!) plus on-demand full episodes of over two dozen news and talk shows – some from the previous evening.

CONK! News is so comprehensive and so convenient that, at only $9.95 a year, it can actually supplant your paid newspaper subscription – seriously, it’s that good. Even if you never want to watch another movie ever again, your annual subscription is worth it for CONK! News alone. (Our Latest News category is free and open to the public, as a sample of how CONK! News works.)


NO Display Advertising – and NO Additional Fees

CONK! shows absolutely no page display advertising to our members* – and ergo, you’ll get none of the bloated “cookies” that go along with web display ads – to guarantee you a fast and clean user experience. And there are no additional fees to watch anything on CONK! – all content is included with you subscription. We won’t try to “upsell” you on more expensive streaming services or cable add-ons, either. (*However, we do show ads and commercials in some video players; this is the primary way our content providers get compensated.)


NO Redirection –
Everything’s Actually ON Our Service

Many cheap “streaming services” are essentially nothing more than link directories. They claim “hundreds of thousands” of movies and TV shows – but most of those “videos” are merely links to other external web pages. CONK! doesn’t do that: All the videos on CONK! are actually on our service – guaranteeing you a consistent – and ad-free – user experience.


A Great User Interface:
NO Download Necessary, NO App Needed

From the home screen on down, all the selection pages on CONK! always list the newest videos in that section or category first – so you always know what’s new to watch. (Take a look.) If you can’t decide, we can mix it up for you via numerous ways to display random videos based on several criteria.

And you already have the app to use CONK! on your phone – it’s your web browser. CONK!’s cutting-edge “responsive” interface will automatically reformat for any screen size, on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Just point any web browser to – you’re always guaranteed a clean, consistent user experience. (However, some videos will not play on mobile devices. Please see our FAQ for more details.)


So Why is CONK! So Cheap?

You’re probably wondering: How can CONK! do all this and charge so little money? Three big reasons:

1) We Get Stuff Cheap – or Free: CONK! is primarily a curation service: you don’t pay us to license videos and games, you pay us to find them for you and put them all in one place. Much of the content on CONK! can be found somewhere on the web for free. And yes, you can find free entertainment on the web yourself… but CONK! saves you the time to look for all this stuff, and then wraps it all in a nice, ad-free, user interface.

2) We Concentrate on Quality, not Quantity: CONK! has “thousands” of movies, and you don’t have to leave our service to see them. Many streaming services announce “millions” of available movies. If you watch even two films a day, every day, it would take you more than 684 YEARS to watch a half-million of them. So we have only “thousands” of movies – but that’s enough to keep you busy watching for the rest of your life.

3) It’s All Automated: Unlike most of our competition, our process for finding and adding content is almost entirely automated. Our servers don’t need health insurance, cubicles, or paid vacations. We pass these savings on to you. (And we don’t apologize for knowing our business better than our competitors, either…)

Bottom Line: If you actually enjoy the time and frustration of continually searching the Internet, then you might not need our service. But we’re guessing that most people would gladly pay less than a buck a month – heck, less than three cents a day! – to relieve them of that headache. Welcome to CONK!

Take CONK! for a Test Drive

Most of CONK!’s interface is publicly accessible – except you can’t actually play the videos and games if you’re not logged in. But you can see what videos and games are available, and even what new ones we add daily. And our Latest News category and our Free Movie are always open to the public, as samples of our service. So you should have a really good idea of how CONK! works before you subscribe.

It’s only $9.95 for a whole YEAR. What have you got to lose?

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