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It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to CONK! News, which launched today, March 15th, 2021. In development for over a year, we are striving to be the single best news aggregation service on the web. And along with news from over 200 news sources – including hundreds of news videos and podcast episodes added every day – we’re also adding some of our own content as well.

Each weekday we post our CONK! News Brief podcast, a roughly ten-minute romp through the “hidden points” of that day’s news; and on the weekends our flagship CONK! Weekend podcast – a blowout hour where the staff of CONK! News sits around the broadcast table and shoots the shit about the news that happened that week. Hilarity may ensue.

It is our contention that news – what was previously referred to as “the facts” of who-what-when-where-how, but is not that anymore – has now become a commodity, with so many outlets from so many points of view jockeying for your attention. So what we’re striving for here is putting that commoditized news into content and perspective, from a conservative/libertarian frame of reference. Although we readily admit to our right-leanings, we’re not trying to get you to think a certain way – we’re trying to get you to think, period.

The news on CONK! changes every three hours, each and every day. Thanks for stopping by. Consider making us part of your daily routine.

Jim Peters, Editor-in-Chief
CONK! News
Minneapolis USA
March 15, 2021



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