The April Schmuck award goes to not one but two MBA students.

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If higher education did not have enough troubles, along comes two MBA students at the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School who are “creating a pledge for M.B.A. candidates at the world’s top business schools to commit to championing sustainable initiatives and fighting for a net-zero future for the rest of their careers.”  The Wall Street Journal article outlines their zeal to make “fighting” climate change a major priority, if not the top priority, of the business community.

The primary mission of any business is to serve consumers by providing value for their products or services.  And it is consumers who determine if that product or service is of value to them—not politicians, government bureaucrats, economic illiterate Nobel Laureates, and NY Times columnists. 

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Everyone-and that includes businesses–must not infringe on anyone’s property rights, which includes refraining from polluting.  This is the essence of protecting property rights. 

We thus do not need environmental regulations.  We need the courts to provide the venue for individuals and businesses to bring lawsuits against polluters and prove their allegations in court. 

As far as climate change goes, the Earth’s climate has been cooling and warming before human beings entered the scene and certainly before the use of fossil fuels.

For update information about the Earth’s climate and CO2, the CO2 Coalition provides a wealth of information about climate change that the mass media ignore.  

The American people need to be informed about economics, business, climate facts, and the law to begin restoring the Republic. 

In the meantime, M.B.A. students Colin Janich and Peter Golding are co-recipients of April’s Schmuck award for promoting pseudoscience in the name of corporate responsibility. 

April 15th should be just another day in the calendar, but it is the day most Americans hate—the deadline when we must file our 1040, unless we file for an extension.  In today’s WSJ, a brief essay about why withholding implemented during WWII was a mistakeLibertarians consider Milton Friedman a “statist” for his proposal which allowed the federal government to expand exponentially during the past eight decades. 


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Sabrin Murray 2.26.18 04

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