Antisemitic Unrest on the American University Campus

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Townhall Review  – April 27, 2024

Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, visits the Columbia University campus in New York City on Wednesday to make a stand for Jewish students who’ve been victimized by antisemitic unrest on campuses across the country.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Speaker Johnson about the recently passed aid packages to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan.

Hugh talks with Mike Pompeo, President Trump’s Secretary of State, about the $99 billion security budget and what it means for our allies. They also discuss the New York City sham trial of former President Trump and how unjust and unfair it is to keep him off the campaign trail.

Chris Stigall talks with President Trump himself about the Ukraine funding, the border, Hamas, and how the GOP needs to rally behind Speaker Johnson, especially while only having a 1 seat majority in the House.

Hugh turns to Retired Navy Admiral James Stavridis about the Ukraine aid package and what the end game will be. 

John Solomon talks with Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, about whether or not the Biden administration could shift their wrongheaded approach to Iran.

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