President Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden to undergo sex reassignment surgery in time for the Democratic convention.

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Happy April First

To show their commitment to the LGBTQIA community the President and First Lady will undergo sex reassignment surgery by the time Democrats meet in Chicago next August to nominate Biden for President.  In addition, the President announced in a press release Jack Biden will replace Vice President Harris on ticket, thus the Biden-Biden ticket will face off against the extreme GOP MAGA ticket headed up by the insurrectionist former president. 

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Harris reportedly threw a fit when she learned Jill, soon to be Jack, would replace her on the presidential ticket.  Kamala has been a heartbeat away from becoming the first female, African-Sub Asian continent president of the United States, but as luck would have it the stars were not lined up for the uncontrollable first giggler. 

President Biden offered Harris to remain on the ticket if she would undergo sex change surgery and become Ken Harris.  Harris is reported to have demurred and then blurted out, “I am not giving up my vagina!”

Harris is reported to have gotten a $5 million advance to write the definitive guide for young women and politics in lieu of being a heartbeat away from soon to be President Josephine Biden.  The book’s tentative title is How Any Young Woman Can Make It Big in Politics if She Sleeps with the Right People

A Biden-Biden presidential ticket although unconventional, to say the least, would be the first and possibly last wife and husband transgender presidential ticket.  Evangelical voters are already on the warpath when they learned the Bidens will undergo sex reassignment surgery, asserting the United States would feel the wrath of God if the Bidens are elected in November.  One leading voice in the Evangelical community stated, “We all know Joe Biden is a dickhead, but he soon will be one without a dick.”


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Sabrin Murray 2.26.18 04

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