Confronting University Radicals | On the Ground at the Columbia Campus Protest

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Anti-Semitic protests at Columbia University are dominating the headlines. But Sara knows you can’t rely on the media to get the story right. So she went to Columbia to see this madness for herself.

Today, Sara shares the shocking truth of what she found there. Not only were the demonstrators uttering the most despicable and hateful insults at Jewish students and their supporters, but it turns out these fanatics really don’t understand the issues of Israel, Hamas, and terrorism at all.

Sara shares her encounter with the demonstrator adamantly demanding that Palestine be free “from the river to the sea.” But when asked to name the river and sea in question, the supposedly certainty of the protester’s cause evaporated into smug ignorance.

Sara also blasts the administrators for allowing this illegal and threatening demonstration to continue at length and announcing that classes will be online for the rest of the semester. She also calls out countless radical professors at Columbia for standing in solidarity with the demonstrators, many of whom are literally chanting slogans in support of Hamas.

You’ve seen some of the footage at Columbia. Now hear what it’s like to be there in person as this cauldron of hate threatens to boil over even more, and why Sara still has great optimism for the future of our nation.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Have we lost our way?
3:00 This NY cop is fed up
7:09 Protester doesn’t know the river from a hole in the ground
9:05 I understand the good German
14:52 My arrival in NYC
16:46 Hamas went after civilians
21:38 This is very organized
26:00 Students are not informed
30:02 Hate is a virus
33:43 My faith guides me



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