The Best Of Mark Levin – 4/6/24

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This week on the Mark Levin show, LGBTQ events clog calendar as White House faces backlash over Easter announcement, White House pushed Trans Day messaging on English accounts, but not to Spanish speakers. The Biden administration’s hate for Israel is a reflection of their hatred for America. There was an accidental bombing that took place in Gaza. Israel apologized, yet the Biden administration took this opportunity to viciously attack Israel. This administration conveniently forgets that less than 2 years ago a Biden drone strike killed 10 civilians in Afghanistan.  The national debt in the United States is on an unsustainable course under the Biden Administration, which will lead to inflation, stagnation, and a depression. Our debt is currently at $33 trillion and rising because the establishment politicians in Washington spend like drunken Marxists. Finally, the vast majority of the American people support Israel and their efforts to fight Hamas, but the Biden Administration supports Hamas and will not allow Israel to destroy them. 76 years ago, Harry Truman recognized the state of Israel and presidents have recognized our alliance with them until Biden destroyed that bond.

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