Trump v. Biden 2024: The Rematch

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Townhall Review  – April 6, 2024

Hugh Hewitt talks with President Trump about Trump’s campaign, what his position is on the war in Gaza, the southern border and American strength on the world stage.

Hewitt and Retired General James Stavridis discuss Israel’s recent airstrikes killing two leading commanders in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and an errant strike killing seven aid workers in Gaza.

Joe Piscopo and Marc Morano of Climate Depot discuss Biden’s new EPA electric truck mandate and how the push for EVs is really a push for more control by the global elites.

Hugh Hewitt and Cal Beisner, Founder of The Cornwall Alliance, discuss Beisner’s book he recently edited, “Climate and Energy: The Case for Realism,” and what the true cost of human’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions will be.

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