Trump’s Warning: Urgent Issues Facing the Nation

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Townhall Review – March 23, 2024

Bob Frantz and Peter Kirsanow of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights talk about Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s completely backward view of the 1st Amendment.

Seth Leibsohn and Brandon Weichert discuss TikTok legislation forcing Chinese parent company ByteDance to divest from its app, which the CCP is using to spy on Americans. 

Hugh Hewitt and Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher, emphasize that allowing such control risks national self-sabotage in the new Cold War era, echoing concerns raised by researcher Jonathan Haight about the disastrous effects of social media on the younger generation’s mental health.

Sebastian Gorka and Donald Trump discuss the Democratic Party’s alleged disdain for  Prime Minister Netanyahu, with Trump suggesting it’s rooted in a broader animosity towards Israel. Trump also scolds Biden for his weak foreign policy, particularly regarding China and Iran.

Hugh Hewitt and Dan Senor, host of the “Call Me Back” podcast, express perplexity over President Biden and Chuck Schumer’s sudden intervention in Israeli policy matters, particularly regarding Israeli leadership, which has driven a wedge between U.S.-Israel relations. 

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