ZIONISM; What is it? What does it mean? – #713

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The term ‘Zionism’ has been co-opted by both the Left and Right, but few know its meaning and origin. Savage delves into history and politics to reveal the TRUTH behind the movement. How are radicals working to destroy the history of the Jewish people in Israel? How long have the Jews been present in “Palestine”? Where did the name “Palestine” originate? When and how did Zionism gain steam? How did the Jewish people return to Israel? Listen as Savage dispels the myths and propaganda about Israel and its treatment of Arab Israelis. Savage explains how secular Austro-Hungarian Jewish journalist Theodor Herzl wrote “Der Judenstaat” or the “The Jewish State” in 1896. In the pamphlet, Herzl outlined how Jews could return to their historic home and create a state free from discrimination. He encouraged Jews to purchase land in what had become known as “Palestine.” In 1948, the State of Israel was officially founded when the United Nations approved a plan to partition Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states. Progressives argue and protest for the self-determination of the Tibetans, The Kurds, and the Uyghur people, but do not want to offer the same empathy towards the Jews. “While it runs contrary to the conventional wisdom, it’s no exaggeration to say the freest Arabs in the entire Middle East are Israel’s Arab citizens.”

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