Ben Swann of Truth In Media Talks Lara Logan, J6, the Legacy Media and the Search for Truth

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Ben Swann, CEO and founder of Truth in Media and Sovren, a free speech, censorship-free platform that is built on block chain technology.

Swann is the producer for Lara Logan’s “The Rest of the Story,” about January 6. I interviewed Logan back in September, and our paid subscribers received the full interview. Here’s a link to an except from the latest episode of “The Rest of the Story,” about Ray Epps and his previous mysterious involvement in January 6. Unfortunately, Substack and X still are not friends, so the posts from X will not populate. Click on the screengrab below.

Here is what Swann had to say about the expansion of the Truth in Media platform his work with Logan, and “The Rest of the Story.”

“We’ve grown it a lot over the last few years. Our most recent project is partnering with Lara Logan, creating a new series called, “The Rest of the Story.” I think one of the things that you’ll see, for folks who watch, is that we’re trying to take independent media and move it to a level of expectation from the audience where we match anything that’s being done in corporate media.


“So yeah, we partnered with Lara and brought her in and said, listen, we have this series, we want to create. We want you to be kind of the face of it, and and we assembled the team around her. We were, I think, very fortunate with Lara because J6 was something we wanted to do to kind of kick off this new endeavor within Truth in Media, and Laura was the perfect person to put that together. She’s a dogged journalist. She’s a phenomenal writer, very meticulous in the details, very focused. I can’t think of anyone better to have done this. I mean, she really has done an amazing job and and her team as well. She has an incredible team that we put around her of just really sincere, hard-working journalists who were just trying to tell the stories, and I will tell you that as this series goes on, you’re going to see more and more.”

Swann’s stated the goals for his own investigative work and the creators he wants to attract to the Truth in Media and Sovren platforms:

I wanna tell the truth and I’ll go wherever the truth leads me. And so, those are the people that we’re talking to right now, and really focused on trying to build stuff that fits with their voice.

Swann had much to say about investigative journalism and how the legacy media handles stories that don’t comport with the narrative. The video is a small except of our conversation. Paid subscribers, stay tuned for the Full Monty.



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