Full Interview: Jason Hanson Reveals His Spy Secrets for the Average Joe

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Ex-CIA operative and entrepreneur Jason Hanson said a colleague told him, “Spying is common sense on steroids.” Sounds really simple, and Hanson, who runs the Tactical Spy School in Utah, encapsulated some of that common sense spycraft in a book for the average Joe or Jane: Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life.

I sat down with Hanson to dig more deeply into the books finer points, and ascertain why an average person would benefit from knowing these spy secrets and how they can incorporate them into their everyday life.

I loved this book, not only because it’s written by an ex-CIA operative, and I dig all that spy stuff, but because the “secrets” Hanson reveals really boil down to that common sense, as well as situational awareness, and being able to respond to any situation, even if that response is to walk away or run.

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