Full Interview: Los Angeles County District Attorney Candidate Nathan Hochman

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This is a short, but substantive interview with Los Angeles County District Attorney Candidate Nathan Hochman. Hochman is the only independent candidate (the rest are registered Democrats) taking on incumbent LAC DA George Gascón. If you have read anything I have written here or on RedState, you know what a disaster he has been to law and order, and the sense of safety and security in Los Angeles County.

Hochman has recently raised over 1.5 million in order to get the message out that there is a choice for safety, sanity, and for a DA who upholds the law.

 “We’re going to bring them the message of common sense enforcement, which is what we’ve been lacking. Crimes actually do have consequences. People need to be held accountable, and they need a DA who wants to follow the law, rather than enact their own independent or political ideology, and decide that they’re just certain about crimes and certain criminals that he doesn’t want to protect. That’s not what a DA does when he raises his right hand, and he swears to uphold the law. There’s no asterisk.”

Just shy of 30 minutes with a bit of introduction from me. Give it a listen.



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