The Week That Was: Red State v. Blue State, Togetherness v. Loneliness, and Posers v. Overcomers

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Welcome to the first week of December! The Advent season is officially underway, and the political season has not slowed down any because of it. The governor of my former state and the other presidential contender from the state of Florida squared off, and despite my doubts, it was actually a sight to behold. Great coverage over at RedState, and I wrote a few about Newsom being exposed for the progressive poser that he is and his shadow campaign for president.

But it’s the season to embrace the good and giving, and a sport celebrity and a former child star and icon show us the way. And for my paid Substackers, a community event gets the spotlight; one that deserves replication across the United States for bringing people and communities together, and alleviating loneliness.

It’s the Week that Was, for November 25-December 4, 2023.

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