A reading list for Tucker Carlson about the free market

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Tucker Carlson hates dollar stores because they are “grotesque.”  He thinks these stores reflect “libertarian economics.”  And he is right. Obviously, Tucker does not appreciate the fact that the success of dollar stores is because of “democracy” in the marketplace.  In other words, people have voted with their dollars so they can stretch their money. 

In his most recent Star-Ledger column Paul Mulshine takes Tucker to task for his overt elitism.  How dare people want to save money, because the Federal Reserve has reduced the purchasing power of their income?    On his Fox show Tucker has had critics of the Federal Reserve so why does he not understand that discount stores reveal how entrepreneurs have created businesses to meet consumer needs in an era of price inflation?

Tucker needs to begin his study of “libertarian economics” with the following works available for free at various websites.

Economics in One Lesson, Henry Hazlitt

The Law, Frederic Bastiat

For a New Liberty, Murray Rothbard

Liberty and Property, Ludwig von Mises

What Has Government Done to Our Money?, Murray Rothbard

There are scores of other books, monographs, and essays that criticize all forms of economic statism, which can be found at,, and other free market websites.

To his credit Tucker is now a critic of the military-industrial-congressional complex that has given us undeclared wars since the end of World War.  In other words, he realizes the Warfare State is a threat to peace and the essence of the Deep State.

By the same token, the Welfare State, is a threat to sustainable prosperity and violates the people’s property rights.  All voluntary exchanges should be celebrated and not denigrated. 

Tucker now needs to appreciate that “libertarian economics” is the heart of a humane society.


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