Bensman: Biden Cut A SECRET DEAL With Mexico To Avoid Border Responsibility

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Do you trust the Biden administration to secure the border?

Greg Abbott and conservative governors across America certainly don’t.

In the face of an unrelenting border crisis, brave state leaders from every corner of our country are standing up to a federal government that refuses to enforce the law. This current predicament has the chance to turn into a constitutional crisis and will certainly affect the 2024 election.

To break down all the angles around the showdown at Shelby Park, Sara invites long-time border reporter and author Todd Bensman.

Additionally, Bensman also shares his latest reporting on President Biden’s covert deal with President Obrador of Mexico which likely involved millions of dollars in exchange for the destruction of migrant camps on the Mexican side of the border.

Finally, Bensman and Sara take a long look at the Colony Ridge migrant neighborhood and the incentive structure around this obviously illegal development inside the State of Texas.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Backstabbed
2:22 This is about sending a message
5:48 Biden’s Mexico deal
7:49 Immigration is # 1
10:01 Is this a historical moment?
13:18 BP doesn’t want to do this
15:19 The secret Mexican deal
18:46 AMLO’s deal
20:53 The media is silent on this story
25:21 The threat of sleeper cells is real
25:36 Woke DEI regime
28:03 Prayer rugs at the border
29:26 Colony Ridge is a huge issue
34:03 EPA investigation of Colony Ridge
37:45 What will happen in Shelby Park?
40:55 This is on President Biden
45:59 Show Close

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