Cartels Are Using Indian Reservations To Smuggle THOUSANDS Of Illegal Migrants Into America

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Our borders are broken. The crisis has gotten far worse over the past three years and the impact – sometimes deadly – is felt throughout the nation. Has it hit your community or maybe your own home?

And if things don’t change soon, the lives of many more Americans will be in danger. That’s the message Sara received from National Border Patrol Council Vice President Art Del Cueto while she was reporting on the border invasion in Arizona.

Today, Sara brings you her conversation with Del Cueto as they drove near the border. Just in their time together, Sara and Del Cueto evaded police from the nearby Indian reservation, witnessed arrests, saw illegals leaving bags of narcotics as they fled from authorities in the desert, and much more.

It’s out of control and there’s only one way to stop it – at the ballot box this year.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Inside a BRUTAL Border Trip
6:29 At the Border in Arizona
10:05 This is a gottaway hub
13:07 My ride along with Art Del Cueto
15:09 The cartels love this
17:35 This is a massive issue
20:47 It is an if not when
23:29 Cartel drones are a major issue

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