EXCLUSIVE: Sara Details Meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Visits to Massacre Sites in Israel

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Have you ever been attacked in your own home? Have you ever been powerless to stop people you love from being killed in front of you?

And if you led the nation where this happened, how strong would your resolve be to destroy those responsible for those atrocities?

Last week, Sara was in Israel with a group of Christian pastors and other leaders to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The goal was to show their steadfast support to our greatest ally in the Middle East, discuss Israel’s ongoing war against Hamas, and pray for Israel and its people.

Today, Sara takes us inside that meeting and what Netanyahu had to say about these topics and more. She also describes the overwhelming emotion of visiting a kibbutz where Israelis were slaughtered by Hamas in October. Sara was in the region last year, just a few months before the terrorist attacks, and she explains the vast difference in what it felt like there this time.

Finally, Sara reflects on what Israel means to her, what it ought to mean to the United States, and how we need to be vigilant against attacks by our enemies right here at home.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 kibbutz be’eri
11:05 Iran is also our enemy
18:04 Meeting Bibi Netanyahu
20:59 They are coming after us.
25:28 There are still tons of hostages
27:03 The fake news media hates Israel
29:37 Hamas would hate these gay people
31:46 Talking with an IDF Intel Officer
33:38 Two-state solution idiocy 
36:41 War sucks
44:11 Israel is trying to stop casualties
47:41 We have to wake up



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