EXPOSED: How Biden Is Sneaking Illegal Immigrants Into Your City

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It’s bad enough that the Biden administration refuses to secure our border and is allowing millions of people into the U.S. despite knowing almost nothing about most of them. We see the impact in big cities and small towns across the nation. Do you see it where you live?
Well, apparently Biden is not content only to welcome millions of illegals coming by foot. He’s also flying hundreds of thousands of them into the country – at least 320,000 last year alone.
Infuriatingly, this is all currently legal. In early 2023, Biden announced unilateral policy changes that allow 30,000 people per month to apply for asylum from a smartphone app. But as a Freedom of Information request from the Center for Immigration Studies confirms, the applicants had no legal justification for entering the nation.

It doesn’t end there. Despite the Freedom of Information request, the government still refuses to reveal the 43 different airports to which they secretly flew these migrants in the United States.

Sara sees this all the time. Every time she’s at the airport in Texas, Chicago, and almost any other city, she sees illegals and their manila envelopes trying to figure out how to get to their destinations. Today, she explains exactly what Biden is doing, how it works, and how it impacts you.

We are being invaded. The invasion is aided and abetted by our government. And the American people need to take their government back before it’s too late.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Don’t buy Biden’s border bluff
4:01 Biden flying in thousands of migrants on your dime
6:56 Anyone could be a victim
7:53 I’ve seen these flights.
9:38 This does not affect them
11:36 Key points in Bensman’s article
17:15 This will have implications for 2024

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