Governor Abbott EXPOSED The Biden Administration’s Border Weakness

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The federal government threw everything it could at the Lone Star State. But it was not enough.

After a weekend of a standoff at Shelby Park, the Biden administration is scampering back to Washington D.C. with its tail between its legs.

Sara just got back from reporting live from the Texas border and on today’s special episode of the Sara Carter show, she shares what the brave men and women of Border Patrol and the Texas Department of Public Safety are saying about the state of the border crisis. Despite all the bluster from the Biden administration, those with actual boots on the ground fully back the actions of Governor Abbott and will not be bullied into making our nation less safe by destroying border barriers.

After laying out players in the confrontation, Sara also shares some audio from her conversation with Lt. Chris Olivarez. He is absolutely fed up with the Biden administration’s antics and calls out the president for having the ability to stop the crisis but failing to do so.

Finally, Sara describes her conversation with South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who was also at the border, and what the support of 25 conservative governors from across America means to the state of Texas as they face down the feds.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Live from Texas!
4:40 The cartel is cashing in
7:38 My experience in Shelby Park
10:25 War coverage
15:04 Lt. Chris Olivarez speaks out
16:53 The National Guard doesn’t want to destroy wire
20:53 What do we do to beat the media?
22:25 Kristi Noem was on the border
26:04 It is on us to make this right
30:32 Show Close



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