Greg Abbott’s Decision to Stand Up To President Biden Was Completely Legal

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When Governor Abbott stood up to President Biden and his open-border policies, did you wonder if what the governor was doing was legal? After all, the courts always side with the federal government over states when it comes to border security, right?


On an exciting Sara Carter Show, law professor and Warrior Defense Project Director Dr. Jeffrey F. Addicott breaks down the legality of Greg Abbott’s humiliation of the Biden administration on border security. From Addicott’s perspective, the governor’s decisions were completely constitutional and made with the security of his citizens in mind. While Americans can’t sue the Biden administration for opening the border, Addicott lays out why it is vitally important to change the chief executive in the 2024 elections.

Time Stamps:
0:05 Biden’s border policy is illegal
7:00 Jeff Addicott joins the Sara Carter Show
14:33 This is a total lack of leadership
16:20 Can Governor Abbott do this?
19:35 Isn’t this Biden’s Job?
23:03 Can we sue the Biden admin?
27:59 Biden’s dumb document defense
32:53 Advice for Trump
36:07 Asylum backlog solution
40:27 Show Close

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