Is Another U.S. Border in Serious Danger?

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America’s southern border is a mess. The Biden administration’s dereliction leaves every state and every neighborhood at greater risk of crime and suffering losses from the deadly poisons trafficked into the U.S.

But what if I told you another U.S. border is under serious threat – not from millions of unvetted migrants but from a dictator who loves to rattle his saber and has a history of invading his neighbors?

In recent weeks, we’ve seen Russian military jets blatantly violating U.S. airspace over Alaska. President Vladimir Putin has also suggested that certain lands that once belonged to the Russian empire should be part of the country again. And more than a few observers have suggested that Putin includes Alaska on that list.

So how serious is the Russian threat to Alaska? Is Putin just posturing or does he have something else in mind? And is the U.S. prepared militarily if Russia gets even more aggressive?

Today, Sara explores all of these issues and much more with L. Shane Land, a disabled combat veteran of the Iraq War. Mr. Land also served as a U.S. Air Force security specialist, a U.S. Army intelligence analyst, and a civilian federal intelligence analyst for the Department of the Army. He is based in Alaska.

Time Stamps:
0:05 Is our 49th state at risk?
5:02 Shane Land joins the Sara Carter Show
6:29 Our enemies are at our door
11:11 Russia is flying in our airspace
12:57 We can’t fight a two-front war
19:20 Our relationship with the Indigenous is not good
23:32 The Putin interview
26:53 Russia has an Arctic advantage
30:52 Putin wants Alaska
34:27 Are we too complacent?
36:33 It is just like Israel
38:23 Our senators are trying
40:05 The people of Alaska are resilient
42:37 Where we can find more information
44:25 We are focused on the wrong stuff
47:42 Show close

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