Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 4/4/24

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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, the vast majority of the American people support Israel and their efforts to fight Hamas, but the Biden Administration supports Hamas and will not allow Israel to destroy them. 76 years ago, Harry Truman recognized the state of Israel and presidents have recognized our alliance with them until Biden destroyed that bond. The pro-Hamas wing of the Democrat party is demanding a surrender in Gaza that would be worse than our withdrawal from Afghanistan, and by embracing it the Biden Administration is giving aid and comfort to terrorist groups around the world. Also, Mark speaks with Ric Grenell to discuss the shift in U.S. policy to turn on Israel and an administration implying that if Israel does not surrender they are no better than the terrorists that attacked them. Next, Mark is joined by Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) to talk about America’s lack of loyalty to our allies under the Biden Administration and the willingness of Democrat Marxists to sell out Israel and call for the removal of Benjamin Netanyahu for the sake of power. Also, following the release of additional Iran sanctions waivers, Scott is demanding transparency from the Biden administration. Mark is later joined by Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) to discuss what Senate Republicans can do to check the endless power of the Biden administration foreign policy acting unilaterally and bypassing Congressional checks and balances.

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