CAPITALISM VS. SOCIALISM – with Historian Dr. Rainer Zitelmann – #705

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Savage speaks with best-selling author and historian Dr. Rainer Zitelmann to debunk the myths about capitalism and expose the growing threat of socialism. German-born Zitelmann first explains how Hitler’s policies were more anti-capitalist than commonly believed. He also criticizes the shift towards planned economies in Europe and the US, using Poland as an example of a country that suffered under a planned economy after World War II but has since turned towards capitalism. They discuss the increasing popularity of socialist ideologies worldwide and warn about the consequences of socialist experiments, using Venezuela and Vietnam as examples. He also criticizes wealthy individuals who support higher taxes and Democratic politicians despite potentially negative consequences for their businesses. The professor believes nations forget why they became successful and replace capitalism with a victimhood mentality. He also criticizes entrepreneurs and conservatives for not fighting for capitalism and instead focusing on their businesses, while intellectuals create theories of socialism and blame capitalism for socialism’s failures.

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