Rep. Andy Biggs: Mayorkas Impeachment Likely Coming Next Week

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Of his many failures as president, Joe Biden’s dereliction at the border may be the worst. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has done nothing but aid and abet the invasion of our nation while lying to the American people that our border is secure.

Today, Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs joins Sara to discuss when House Republicans will try to impeach Sec. Mayorkas and whether they have the votes to do it. Sara and Biggs also discuss how rampant illegal immigration is destroying communities in his state and around the country.

Biggs also offers his candid opinion of the supposed bipartisan border security bill pushed by Democrats and even some Republicans.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Will Congress finally fix the Border Crisis
2:26 Rep. Biggs joins the Sara Carte Show
6:14 Prosecutors in defense of criminals
6:56 We beat George Soros
10:54 Alejandro Mayorkas says he can’t deport illegals
13:20 Senate border bill
15:49 House Democrats going crazy
17:06 Will Mayorkas be impeached?
18:23 Are cartels shifting to Arizona?
21:55 The Texas Example
25:19 Show Close



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