Riley Gaines: Affirming Gender Lies and Delusions is Evil

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Is your daughter wondering whether to play girls sports because boys are allowed to play with them? Or maybe they’ve given up trying because boys who “identify” as girls have major physical advantages over them or they do not want to share a locker room with them.
Sara’s 11-year-old daughter is involved in gymnastics, cross country, and tennis. and she is already worried about what her athletic future will look like if boys are openly allowed and encouraged to play on those teams if they consider themselves girls.

This is not just a hypothetical issue as the cultural left would want you to believe. It’s happening in college, high schools, and beyond. It’s robbing girls and women of athletic opportunities and forcing them into extremely uncomfortable situations.

Riley Gaines was an All-American swimmer at the University of Kentucky. She tied for first in the nation in her event with a man presenting himself as a woman and swimming for the University of Pennsylvania.

Gaines is now the most prominent figure pushing state and federal lawmakers to reclaim sanity and to keep boys and men out of girls and women’s sports.

Today, Sara and Riley discuss the significant progress being made to protect our girls, why coaches and parents are often afraid to speak up and insist on common sense in athletics, and what you can do to protect your kids and your community.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 It is the year of the invader
2:25 This is a personal issue for me
11:11 Riley Gaines Joins the Sara Carter Show
16:25 This is an attack on our spirit
19:13 Feminists are suddenly silent
21:13 Are men afraid to stand up?
24:41 Will parents finally step up?
27:10 24 states have done the right thing on women’s sports
30:20 The prison system is also broken
33:23 Riley’s new book is a great message for kids
36:17 Don’t shop at woke companies
37:49 Show Close



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